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I Can Buy Myself Flower Cold Smoke/Hookah Tumbler

I Can Buy Myself Flower Cold Smoke/Hookah Tumbler

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Comes with twist on lid, metal pole for the inside, rubber tube for sucking, glass bowl to put the "product' in.

Fill cup up with water and ice, make sure metal pole is submerged in the water. Screw lid back on. Put product in bowl, light bowl, suck through rubber tube, lift glass bowl out for a rush.

Care Instructions:
Hand Wash Only
Not Dishwasher Safe
No Microwave Safe
Do Not Soak

* Capacity: 22oz
* Package:
1 x Stainless Steel Tumbler
1 x Cold Smoke Lid
1 x Rubber Tube
1 x Metal Pole (inner)
1 x Glass Bowl

Please note these tumblers are handcrafted and may have some minimal imperfections and the color can vary slightly from your monitor, phone or tablet to the actual product due to screen resolution/brightness and natural variances with handmade items.

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